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Patch 2.2 Designer Notes AMA Recap | 18 Jul 2018

Patch 2.2 Designer's Notes Blogpost

Brief Intros

Jean-Baptiste Hallé, Game Designer PulsingSmoothie – I used to work on Operators conception and production, but now work on Operator balancing, Operator reworks and systems changes.
Geoffroy Mouret, Data Scientist Ylthis – I have been working on Siege since its release. I provide people with data and warn them about the danger of straightforward conclusions. Smoke and Thatcher main. Board games enthusiast. Pie charts hater.
Julien Huguenin, User Research Project Manager xxLupus – I mostly work to get the best insights from our players (pro or not) on upcoming & live content, and advise the team on how to use them. Will sometimes creep into your Twitch stream to listen to you rant about the game.

Jean-Baptiste Hallé, Game Designer PulsingSmoothie

Question Reply Link
"I have 2 questions.1- why does maestro's LMG has a stable hip fire accuracy? 2- why isn't Thatcher's EMP capable of destroying Alibi's prisma?" "EMP disabling things like Alibi's Prisma, Maestro's Turrets, or Bullet Proof Cameras are first steps towards bigger changes that we have in mind for Thatcher. In general, we are not satisfied with the interaction of the EMP and electronic gadgets when this interaction is a simple destruction. We believe that it is often too binary and doesn't leave enough room for counterplays." LINK
"I have two questions in relation to smoke. (Both operator and gadget) 1. About a year ago, we saw the change made to smoke grenades that made them much more consistent. As part if this, Capitão's smoke bolts were changed to a grey colour. Will they ever be made blue again? 2. Will there be any changes made to the way the gas from Smoke's canister functions? I feel at the moment, it is very inconsistent, and leads to a lot of kills from players who can see You, but you can't see them. Thank you for your time in this AMA, and keep up the magnificent work💜" "For your first point, we would like to bring back the new color for Capitao's smokes, but this is currently impacted by some technical issues because of changes we made to smoke grenades and their reliability. For your second point- Yes. We have changes in the pipeline for Smoke's Gas Canisters, as they still have reliability issues as the old smoke grenades had." LINK
"How do you decide which operators need buffing/nerfing? Do you only look at the winrate/pickrate delta or do you look at a multitude of things (yt vids, streams, reddit posts)?" "Our top priority is always overpowered Operators, as we think they have the biggest negative impact on player enjoyment.After that, there is multiple things that come into play when it comes to selecting which Operator we change.For example: We look at pick rate, win rate in Ranked and Pro League context. We also look closely at player feedback (qualitative) from many channels, including those you mentioned." LINK
"Have you evewill you ever consider a complete overhaul to an operator? I can’t think of one that needs it; however if one just became too OP is that something that could be done?" "Yes. For example, we do consider significant changes for an Operator, like Lion. I wouldn't call these changes a complete overhaul though. We want to be clear that it is a much higher priority to rework an Operator that is fundamentally too strong, as opposed to too weak." LINK
"Why would you give a support operator frag grenades? There's a reason you took them from Thermite" " The reason we took them from Thermite was that he had too much utility overall. Finka seems to be in a fairly different place right now. We could be wrong, and we will keep a close eye on her during the next patch." LINK
"In your time of working on operator balancing, which one has been the most difficult to balance and change without having them seem too weak or too strong?" "Lion. In his current state, he is particularly difficult to balance. The way his detection works is either no information at all, or perfect information. There is very little room for subtlety." LINK
"Something needs to be done to reduce Ash's attractiveness. 80% pickrate and higher win-delta than IQ who IS getting a Nerf?! Maybe remove Ash's ACOG to reduce her utility?" " We agree with the statement, but we are not sure how to act on that in a way that will ensure she remains as fun to play as she currently is. Removing ACOGs from Assault Rifles for Attackers is not something that we are currently considering." LINK
"Are there any plans to tweak the SMG-12? Its currently one of the best guns in the game which is crazy considering its a secondary(its better then most primaries)." " The main reason why Machine Pistols are so strong right now seems to be the very high rate of fire. We are waiting for the new recoil system to go live before we reassess their power. We will definitely tweak them once that new system is live." LINK
"Any plans on completely reworking ops like Blackbeard and Lion?" "Blackbeard, no. Lion, not completely, but there are big changes planned." LINK
"Why remove the frag grenades for IQ? She needs her grenades to destroy gadgets... Now she's a bad design" " IQ got better and better every time the Defending team got a new electronic gadget. She has one of the best assault rifles in the game. Combined with her being a 3 speed, she became too good of a choice. That being said, we agree that she needs more ways to act on the information that she gathers. We have a rework planned for her, which will lead us in that direction." LINK
"Do you believe giving Castle a C4 will give him a better way to be a productive operator when his barricades are deployed. At current, when castle has done his job he is pretty useless to his team, all issues with his barricades aside. Also; in terms of C4 as a gadget; we have seen a few operators lose their access to the C4, even with the nerf in how the gadget is deployed (thrown like a heavy brick) what was the thought process behind removing it from some defenders, whilst replacing it with the bullet proof camera?..." "He already has Impact grenades, which, combined with his Armored Panels, allows him to reshape the site in strong ways when used properly." LINK
"Do you really think that these changes will have much of an impact upon Frost's pick rate and/or win delta? Personally I've always felt like traps like those of Frost (or pre-nerf Kapkan), capable of killing or downing an attacker from full health with only a single trap is too hard to balance in regards to the current meta. Leaving them either very much overpowered or underpowered depending on how they are designed. What are your opinions on these kinds of "insta kill" traps, and do you think it's possible to make them a balanced and viable option in this current metagame?" "We don't expect a big impact, and we agree with your analysis that the traps having such a strong effect makes them difficult to balance. "Insta kill" traps are too binary, that's the reason we changed the Kapkan traps a while ago." LINK
"Are there any plans on buffing Capitao? His crossbow seems to be lacking, and it would be interesting to see his smokes counter deployable cameras and his flames gaining a slow effect while inside them." "Yes. We agree that his crossbow is lacking - especially the fire darts. Their area of effect is very small, which makes them difficult to use outside of specific contexts (ex: Kid's dorms in Oregon in Pro League). It's not that easy to change as there are performance questions linked to the VFX. We're currently working on that." LINK
"Why nerf both the SR25 and the OTS-03? I thought DMR's were supposed to do more damage to balance out the semiautomatic aspect of the gun?" "They still do much more damage than assault rifles! We also need to consider gun damage in the context of the operator as a whole. The SR25 is used with a rifle shield, and the OTS-03 is used by someone who can see through smokes." LINK
"Any plans on heavily buffing mute's jammers' radius to more effectively counter powerful ops like lion and dokkaebi? Obv, that large radius would be like a larger radius that would only counter lion and dokk (would not affect drones, breach charges getting jammed...) Would def increase Mute's pickrate omo" "We are currently working on a Mute buff, but what we're trying is quite different from the radius increase that you're mentionning. I hope we can give your more details soon :)" LINK
"Seeing as Hibana has 3 speed, hard breaching from range, a fully automatic secondary and a great primary weapon, why does Thermite have a slow Aim-Down-Sights time? Don't you think it would be a welcome change to make it in line with other rifles?" "I'll take a look at this, thank you for the suggestion" LINK
"Would you mind elaborating a bit what you plan with Castle? I know it's still something for the distant future, but maybe some dialogue with the community would help finding out not only what works and what doesn't but maybe also what would be fun to play (against) and what not?" "I'll try to elaborate a bit - but I can not be too specific yet, because we're only in prototype stage. What we're trying might not work at all, for gameplay or technical reasons. Castle is a good operator in a specific context: if the team is organized, and if the player using Castle knows exactly where to position his barricades (a good example is how Pro Players leverage him on Border, for instance on Ventilation / Workshop). But if these conditions are not met (which is the vast majority of the time for most Siege players): best case scenario, he's close to useless as his barricades get denied very easily (typically, on exterior windows). Worst case, he's even a disadvantage for his team as he blocks defenders rotations and provides more security to attackers. These are the issues that we're trying to tackle. We're glad that he's good in Pro League, but we'd like him to be fun to play with in more contexts." LINK
"I cannot stress this enough when I say that SOMETHING needs to be done about Blitz, he is the most difficult operator to be in combat with, his flash lasts WAY too long, and his speed makes him a cancerous rush choice along with other operators. Especially when paired with Finka, Blitz is a force to be reckoned with. Honestly, I think the game would be alot better without Blitz, but if there were ways to balance. Reduce distance and duration of Blitz flash Change his secondary to a gun with higher damage but less bullets (The high capacity amounts makes spray and pray a viable option to land a headshot on defenders) Replace Breach Charges with Flash Grenades or Grenades (If flash Grenades, reduce his ability count from 5 - 3) Reduce is ADS rate (His aim is way too fast, when paired with a laser site to a quick draw showdown, the defender is BOUND to lose because of how quick Blitz is able to headshot anyone while SAFELY crouching in place in front of operators)" "We already reduced the flash range a while ago, but i'll take a look at his handgun's ADS time. Thanks for this detailed feedback." LINK
"I know this will ol probably be lost with all the other comments about the same thing. However I really want to know the concept behind stealing IQ’s frags and giving them to Finka when she is already so strong. I just don’t understand. Finka is already pretty frustrating to play against and now she’s even stronger." "We believe that one of the main reasons why Finka is so strong is the length of her adrenaline rush (and possibly the strength of the effect). We're also trying to make her overall utility higher by giving her frags. We're making the bet that reducing those parameters while giving her frags will overall result in a lower power level. If we're wrong, we're fully ready to change her loadout again and make additional changes to her ability. You mentionned that she's frustrating to play against: which aspects specifically do you consider frustrating ?" LINK
"Why isn't any drastic actions being taken to nerf ash R4-C with bigger recoil since the G36C is never used since the recoil diference i never relevant? Don't you think that simple extremely strong weapons with 3 speed is what make Ash, Jager and Bandit very high picks (no real weakness)? Don't you think that all operators with global abilities end up always being too strong due being able to affect an entire team chances to win more drastically than any other support like mute and etc, will that make stop doing more global operators? Are shotguns ever getting another look in the balance of the things? i mean they are never used in pro-league yet they are never brought up in balancing notes anymore and are the most inconsistent part of the game currently. Will silencers ever be reworked? Whats stopping you guys from making new shield units? is it because they are still buggy in some spots or you don't think they belong in this game anymore with 3 speed rushes meta?" "Several changes are needed on recoil side, but we're waiting for the new recoil system before acting on them - all weapons will need balancing evaluation when this change goes live. Yes, strong weapons combined with 3 speeds clearly participate to high pickrate. For global abilities: we have 2 examples (Finka & Lion). They both had / have power level issues, so I get your point. Global abilities remove positionning challenges entirely - making them balanced & fun to play with require re-positionning that challenge in other domains. I think it's possible, but we still have work ahead to find out. Shotguns are delicate beasts. We'd like to find ways to make them globally more viable, but it's not a the top of our priorities at the moment. There's no silencers rework planned right now, but never say never. The classic riot shield + handgun in hipefire recipe has some core issues, we probably wouldn't push that before solving them." LINK

Geoffroy Mouret, Data Scientist Ylthis

Question Reply Link
"How do you decide which operators need buffing/nerfing? Do you only look at the winrate/pickrate delta or do you look at a multitude of things (yt vids, streams, reddit posts)?" "We never look at data by itself, we would rather use it as an information tool or exploration tool. Either we find some weird things in the data and then confirm that with community feedback (i.e., the pro players or reddit), or it works the other way around, where we receive some feedback from the community and we confirm that with the data. As an example, sometimes we receive feedback from the pro players and then we will look for that in the data of the game and confirm what the issue is. Win rate and pick rate are just a fraction when dealing with these issues." LINK
"Good afternoon guys, and thank you for doing this. My question is how do you go about balancing things on console vs pc? It seems all changes are made across the board but IMO there is a lot more nuance to those decisions that are overlooked when it comes to console. One key difference being the ability to aim quickly and accurately. Headshot percentages are much lower on console, so therefor low dps weapons are considerably weaker than their pc counterparts. Console gun fights are ended with body shots more often, and weak, slow firing smgs that are a common theme on defense, leaves them at a greater disadvantage vs attacker weapons. This is shown statistically in the win percentages always being more attacker favored on console vs pc. Another example of this is the ability to counter Blitz this past season. On PC players have the ability to quickly and accurately get shots on the advancing shield players hand or feet. On console, this is much more difficult, thus indirectly making Blitz stronger. Other minor elements come in to play, but those are the 2 primary examples that come to mind. So in summation, do you feel the differences of pc vs. console gameplay warrants separate balancing changes? And what plans do you currently have to handle those issues and those that may arise in the future? Thanks again!" "The main challenge with balancing is that you have to work on different "versions" of the game. The game is not played the same way in Pro-League at it is in Casual/Ranked or on PC/Console... We want to avoid having broken operators/mechanics in any context, so we usually check said contexts when making updates. Our priority remains avoiding glaring issues in Pro-League as it is the context with the strongest impact on the rest of the population, but we would avoid taking actions to force some mechanics into Pro-League if it's already fine at lower levels of play. There is no current plan of having different balancing patches on PC and Console (or Pro-League), but we might address some Console-specific issues if these changes do not negatively impact PC." LINK
"Do you really think that these changes will have much of an impact upon Frost's pick rate and/or win delta? Personally I've always felt like traps like those of Frost (or pre-nerf Kapkan), capable of killing or downing an attacker from full health with only a single trap is too hard to balance in regards to the current meta. Leaving them either very much overpowered or underpowered depending on how they are designed. What are your opinions on these kinds of "insta kill" traps, and do you think it's possible to make them a balanced and viable option in this current metagame?" "You're totally right, having a high variance/high reward ability can lead to a "balanced" operator which would not be fun to play. We want to avoid "all-or-nothing" situations and have more consistent mechanics." LINK

Julien Huguenin, User Research Project Manager xxLupus

Question Reply Link
"I have 2 questions. 1- why does maestro's LMG has a stable hip fire accuracy? 2- why isn't Thatcher's EMP capable of destroying Alibi's prisma?" " 1. We wanted to try a new design for a LMG that is defined by having more stable hip fire accuracy. We thought it was an interesting idea that was worth trying out. LMGs in general are in a place where we can try things like this, as they are generally worse than SMGs/ARs. 2. JB will answer this one." LINK
"Is it possible to balance IQ without removing her nades?" "Yes. Removing her Frag grenades is something we have been discussing internally for a while. We are going to keep a close eye on how it plays out, and may other adjustments in the future." LINK
"What is the main aspect of Castle that will be changed in his rework?" "This is two fold. We want to make him less situational. That is not to say that we dislike situational Operators. It is actually quite the opposite. We feel as if situational Operators are fine, but Castle is too niche right now. The second step is to find a way to make sub par Castle play less harmful for teammates. As of right now, deploying his Armored Panel at a key doorway and prevent teammates from rotating or being able to properly defend a site." LINK
"I understand the recent nerfs to Twitch given that her pickrate is 'too high' in your eyes. However, Ash has both a higher win delta and a higher pickrate, but has recieved virtually no changes. Do you have any intentions to change Ash in the future?" " Ash is complicated. We already nerfed the R4-C recently, and it is already one of the middle tier weapons in terms of DPS (DPS = Rate of Fire x Damage). Twitch's DPS was too high compared to other assault rifles, so we are bringing it down a bit. For both Twitch and Ash, yes, their pick rate is a bit too high, but we do not want to make the Operators less comfortable or fun to play in order to lower their Pick Rate." LINK
"What are the plans for Frost? I feel like the SMG change is fairly irrelevant and, while her SMG certainly has a lot of character, is not a vital part of her kit. The Kapkan changes made him feel a lot better already, even if hes still weak. For me, a good start would be giving her Impacts (replacing the Camera). The Camera isnt as useful on her as the Wire, and impacts can open up new playmaking possibilites by making trapped vaultholes. We often already use her this way (in tandem with other ops that have impacts)." "Yes, the SMG changes are only a first step. We are leaning more towards changing how the traps work to make them less binary. Giving her an impact is an interesting idea though!" LINK
[[Followup to previous question]] "What do u mean by binary?" "By binary - i meant to say that her trap either have zero impact, or a massive impact." LINK
"Will there ever be a rework of Tachanka? From my understanding, the devs have stated that he is too much of a meme in the community to be reworked. Are there any intentions to make him a viable operator?" "The reason that he is not being reworked is not because of his "meme status". WaterSquid said it pretty well. He would require a complete rework from the ground up, which would make him a fundamentally different Operator." LINK
"In your time of working on operator balancing, which one has been the most difficult to balance and change without having them seem too weak or too strong?" "I would say Ash. We think that, similar to Jager and Bandit, they are very attractive because they are extremely comfortable to play. It is not something that we want to lose in the process of making other Operators more interesting." LINK
"When are we going to get a Capitao rework or buff? How are we going to deal with the fact that Mira is getting banned so much since she is such a well balanced operator? Seems unfair that no one can play with her in pro league. Maybe make another operator like her?" "When are we going to get a Capitao rework or buff? How are we going to deal with the fact that Mira is getting banned so much since she is such a well balanced operator? Seems unfair that no one can play with her in pro league. Maybe make another operator like her?" LINK
"Why are you still going with the Tachanka meme? Why can't you just rework him? Do you guys plan on slowing the meta down, so people aren't so run and gun? I know this does not have to do with operators, but do you still plan on trying for one map buff per season?" " We already answered another question about Tachanka. We do not have any strong indication that the meta is much faster than it used to be. It is a bit faster than it was previously. This is something that we are consistently monitoring. Just wait for next season. ;) Epi: "The Community team is working on a map buff and map rework blog where we will talk about that in more depth. Look for this leading up to the next Season."" LINK
"As someone who has played since red crow, I have a simple suggestion. I agree with the IQ nerfs of the scanner and I understand why you took her frag grenades considering how much she was picked in PL. Why not give Capitaó his grenades back? Finka is the absolute worst option. She already gives enough buffs and abilities for her team and herself. This is going to make for a ridiculous entry fragger. Also, why not consider giving B.B. a new gadget completely rather than withering down his current one? No one enjoys Blackbeard. He completely negates the point of this game. Otherwise I agree with all other changes." "Overall, giving Frags to 3-Speed operators won't be our go-to solution to rebalance an operator - they already have a lot of things going for them, and we want to be careful to not make them too good at everything. However, we agree that Capitao need some love and we want to make his gadget more efficient in the future. Regarding Finka - We will see how it plays out for her - if it makes her too efficient overall despite her Unique Ability nerf, we will try something else." LINK
""I cannot stress this enough when I say that SOMETHING needs to be done about Blitz, he is the most difficult operator to be in combat with, his flash lasts WAY too long, and his speed makes him a cancerous rush choice along with other operators. Especially when paired with Finka, Blitz is a force to be reckoned with. Honestly, I think the game would be alot better without Blitz, but if there were ways to balance. Reduce distance and duration of Blitz flash Change his secondary to a gun with higher damage but less bullets (The high capacity amounts makes spray and pray a viable option to land a headshot on defenders) Replace Breach Charges with Flash Grenades or Grenades (If flash Grenades, reduce his ability count from 5 - 3) Reduce is ADS rate (His aim is way too fast, when paired with a laser site to a quick draw showdown, the defender is BOUND to lose because of how quick Blitz is able to headshot anyone while SAFELY crouching in place in front of operators)" " "Blitz is a tricky operator to balance - he can easily swing between being much too strong or too weak as the shield mechanic is rather binary as of now. The 2.2 patch will somewhat decrease the efficiency of the Blitz/Finka combo you mentioned, but we have larger plans in the future to give more counter to the defending operator when facing a Shield at close range. " LINK
"Frag Grenades are currently the least available as an option gadget for all operators. Any ideas on any attackers who might receive them?" "We don't necessarily want to increase the amount of Frag in the gadget pool as of now - especially because we want to better balance the attractiveness and efficiency of secondary gadgets across the board, and the Frags sit among the top Attacker gadgets. But if we feel that an operator would be interesting & balanced with Frags, it will happen." LINK
"How do you balance feedback from casual, ranked, and professional players and how important is it for someone like Julien to filter through essentially whining vs. constructive feedback . Is there any sort of skew when it comes to balancing for a particular player group?" "Hi! Great question. To be fair, there is no magic recipe to achieve that. Part of the job is to understand what's behind the "whining", as you call it - it is often rooted in an real, valid issue that should be considered when we make decisions for the game. The skewing issue does not come into play as often as one would thing - generally, we view our lower-bracket as high ranked players in the making , in the sense that given enough time & practice, they will come to experience the same thing as the higher-ranked players (even if we understand that no everyone have the potential & time to become a top level player). This is not to say that bracket-specific or population-specific issue does not occur, but we can usually address those without impacting the rest of the our playerbase too much. At least we try to." LINK
submitted by LordKeren to Rainbow6 [link] [comments]

Here's my realistic survival (but still fun) mod setup.

Hey folks, it seems like recommended mods and survival tips are pretty common, so I figured I'd give my current mod setup and load order. It works flawlessly and, in my opinion, makes the game incredibly fun. I have never played any Fallout game before FO4VR, so this is coming from someone with no prejudices against the game or the series in general. After many mods, tweaks, and new games, I have found what I feel like is a definitively fun but challenging Fallout experience.
My mods and tweaks are intended to be used on survival mode. The main goals are to fix gameplay holes that I saw in vanilla, plus balance weapons, armor, level scaling, environment, and performance to make the game more immersive. Some aspects of survival mode have been changed or removed to make it a fun challenge instead of a frustrating clusterfuck. Feel free to offer comments and changes, or just to do your own thing. Some may enjoy having to sleep every 20 minutes of play. I do not.
I don't have DLC installed because I don't have pancake.
Specific Tweaks
I took the save item and set up several autosaves using the survival options mod because I get occasional crashes when opening the workbench or using "take all". It's annoying.
I also used survival options to halve the rate at which I need sleep, food, and water. It's a cool feature, but the default settings were just annoying to me.
Survival options was used to remove the fast travel limitation as well, but I personally only let myself fast travel between settlements that I have connected via provisioners.
I used the more accurate weapons mod to make bullets go where I aim, but to keep gun recoil. Seems fair.
I changed VATS to slowmo because the whole crit implementation sucks and seems kind of stupid for VR. I try to not use VATS at all because it's mostly a get out of jail free card.
Fail's tweaks balance the game very well and make level scaling much better in my opinion. Removing legendary weapons is also good. In my first playthrough I got a two-shot 10mm pistol that I was basically able to solo the game with. It was dumb.
My INI file removes enemy health bars and has various performance tweaks. Combined with the mods, I have about 20% reprojection at SS1.4 on my GTX 1080 and i7 3770k. It looks nice.
The Mods
Binary Speech Checks - This removes RNG from charisma-based speech interactions. If you meet the charisma requirement, it will go 100%.
Campsite - Adds craftable items so that one can set up their own campsite on the spot in order to sleep/save. No need to run around looking for a bed.
D.E.C.A.Y. - Makes ghouls scary looking!
Darker Nights - Nighttime is actually dark and kind of hard to see. Much more immersive.
Fail's Personal Tweaks - Balance tweaks, including removing legendary weapons. I recommend reading his mod.
Fail's Sensible Health - Balance to player and enemy health values. I recommend reading the mod.
Fail's Sensible Perks - Tunes down some broken perks (like the gun damage-related ones) and makes some others a little nicer.
Fail's Sensible Weapons with SMG Fix - Tweaks weapon damage so that they feel a bit more appropriate.
Fallout 4 VR Optimization Project - This is commonly mentioned around here, but it helps FPS in the areas that it's currently set up for. Hopefully the author will recover soon and get us some more sweet precombined meshes!
FAR - Fixes up how distant objects are rendered. Helps performance and visuals slightly.
Fr4nsson's Light Tweaks - Much better lighting. It's actually hard to see in a room with no light!
Full Dialog VR - Shows what the player will actually say on dialog choices instead of ambiguous descriptions.
Improved Reflex Sights - Fixes reflex sights so you can actually see the crosshair.
Insignificant Object Remover - Removes random useless stuff from the game to help performance a bit and reduce clutter.
More Accurate Weapons - No Hip Fire with Recoil - In vanilla bullets don't really go where you aim, there's RNG involved because aiming is easy with keyboard and mouse. In VR it's a bit more challenging, so I got rid of that but kept recoil so automatic weapons aren't broken.
No Health Level Scaling - Character no longer gains health with each level. Keeps things challenging late game.
No Thirsty Chems This can probably be done with survival options as well, but becoming instantly parched for using a stimpack seemed pretty dumb to me so I got rid of it.
Pipe Gun Glow Sight Fix - Makes glow sights on pipe guns actually visible.
Realistic Ragdoll Force - Better ragdoll force. Sometimes has strange interactions where killing someone will send the target flying off into infinity, but it's some nice comedic relief.
Scrap Everything - Lets you scrap EVERYTHING. Be careful with it though, it can be easy to misclick and be left with a giant hole in the ground because you scrapped the road.
Sim Settlements - A must have for this game. Makes settlements way better.
Sim Settlements: Industrial Revolution - A nice expansion to Sim Settlements that gives industrial plots.
Sim Settlements: Rise of the Commonwealth - A must have for Sim Settlements. Settlements become self-governing and grow into large and thriving communities. It's amazing.
Splinterz - Doors are destructible!
Survival Options - Must have for survival mode. Lets the player tweak nearly any limitation associated with the mode to get it just right. Except for damage values. For that there is...
Survival Damage Fix - Fixes survival damage! In vanilla, enemies to extra damage but you do less than normal. This fixes things so that everyone does lots of damage, things feel realistic!
True Storms - Provides real weather instead of the half-assed radiation storms in the vanilla game. This one is great for immersion.
Vivid Fallout - Tons of new textures that improve performance and make it look nicer.
Load Order
*dD-Realistic Ragdoll Force.esp
*Binary Speech Checks V.4.esp
*Fail's Sensible NPC Health - VR.esp
*Insignificant Object Remover.esp
*Vivid Fallout - All in One - Best Choice.esp
*Fail's Sensible Weapons - VR.esp
*Fail's Sensible Perks - VR.esp
*Fail's Personal Tweaks - VR.esp
*Scrap Everything - Core.esp
My INI File
; TAA sharpening
fTAAPostSharpen=0.675 fTAASharpen=1.0000 fTAAHighFreq=0.8000 fTAALowFreq=0.5000 fTAAPostOverlay=0.675
; controls how fast the sun/lights update fSunShadowUpdateTime=0.0075 fSunUpdateThreshold=0.0050
; god rays on bNvGodraysEnable=1
; how long decals last/detail (damage/blood, etc) fDecalLifetime=45.0000 fDecalLOD0=800.0000 iLocation X=555 iLocation Y=91
; enable radial blur bDoRadialBlur=1
; More decal settings (my values are slightly higher than default)
[Decals] uMaxSkinDecals=125 uMaxSkinDecalPerActor=50 bDecals=1 bSkinnedDecals=1
; splat! [ScreenSplatter] bBloodSplatterEnabled=1
; Fallout set supersampling (SS) level fRenderTargetSizeMultiplier=1.0
; required for MODS sResourceDataDirsFinal= bInvalidateOlderFiles=1
; Stasky distance (fixes one eye-full of stars and looks better IMO) fSkyScaleFactor=2500.0000
; scope settings (experimental) ;
; Default zoom on the scope, regardless of add-on power? (def 15) - doesn't seem to work fScopeZoom=15.0000
; Change to 0 to disable all scopes (def 1) ; iScopeEnabled=1
; Shows gun body when using scope.Def 0 (this puts your gun below the scope view and shows the orientation -- but the screen is still blacked out around the view as normal - weird, but neat) bShowGunWhenScoped=0
; Allow you to move while in VATS bShouldDisableDMInVATS=0
; Change scopes so they don't activate until closer to your eye ; other options from users: 12/10/9 or 20/12/10 fHmdToWeaponAngleExitScopeConeDegrees=15.0000 fHmdToWeaponAngleEnterScopeFadeDegrees=10.0000 fHmdToWeaponAngleEnterScopeConeDegrees=9.0000
; Change to 1 to enable Scopes while using VATS bEnableVatsWithScopes=1
; AP drain when teleporting - not needed for direct movement ; fOverEncumberedDrainPerTeleportDistance=0.1
; Teleport distance (much farther for workshop) fTeleportDistanceMultiplier=0.40
; ammo/health/AP HUD appears (on weapon) only when tilting your weapon down fPrimaryWandHUDPitch=-70
; flat workshop scrolling bCircularWorkshopPallete=0
; Remove compass fHMDHUDStatusScale 0.0000
; Hide enemy health bars and name tag bEnemyHealthDynamicScale=0 fEnemyHealthScale=0.0
; books/plaques position/size (center and increase scale) fBookModelY=43.0000 fBookMenuScale=2.5000 fBookMenuY=-35.0000 fBookMenuX=32.0000
; Hold grip for 1.25 sec to prime grenade and not blow yourself to hell fThrowDelay=1.25
; hold menu for 1 sec to enter workshop instead of 3-4 fEnterWorkshopDelay=1.0000
; better grass density for performance (def 20) iMinGrassSize=32
; hide main HUD (to use on gun) bHealthBarShowing=0
; allows console ;bAllowConsole=1
; these make textures look better, but cause a slight delay when first starting - worth it IMO ;bForceUpdateDiffuseOnly=0 ;iTextureDegradeDistance0=1400 ;iTextureDegradeDistance1=2800 ;iTextureUpgradeDistance0=1000 ;iTextureUpgradeDistance1=2200
; Disabled interactions in secondary hand while using the primary hand ; aka - prevent you from not being to open a container because your other hand is pointed at something else
fSecondaryWandMaxGrabDistance=0.1 fDownwardGrabFloorDistanceMultiplier=0
; fix the new sticky/full press trigger to be soft-again bUseAlternateTriggerThreshold=0
submitted by ellsong to fo4vr [link] [comments]

My list of recommended Fallout 4 mods one month in

There are a ton of mods on Nexus now despite not having a Creation Kit to make them and several of them are impressive considering the lack of available resources.
The following is my list of recommended mods. You may find something you enjoy here.
Why did I do this? Yes, I am procrastinating on a project that's due Monday so that was motivation enough.
P.A.M.S - Power Armor Movement Sounds by ONIXer
Many different sound options, from light to hydraulic to heavy. I really think it's almost a bug fix since vanilla power armor sounds wimpy.
The Wanderer Level-Up sound Replacer by xXBlackWorkXx
Levelling up is a celebration
Aggressive synth voice overhaul by Ubercharge
Warning: This sort of works. Sort of. It makes synth voices really cool. But there are some issues with it. Nothing buggy but you'll see if you progress far enough in the main quest.
Towbie's Realistic Weapon Sounds by towbiekun
Overhaul of the vanilla weapon sounds. Adds some real punch to the firing sounds.
Louder Rainy Sound by thlp
As the name implies it adds some punch to the wimpy vanilla rain sounds.
No more cash register sound when XP gain by LiquidBronze
Honestly I can't believe I haven't found a funny replacement for this but until then I use the silence.
Legendary Modification by teaLz
Modify any item to be legendary. Should have been in the vanilla game.
Craftable Ammo by kr1ck
It can be frustrating running out of ammo of your favorite weapon, especially if you play with a scarcity mod like I recommend. This allows you to craft your own ammo based on perks.
Working Food Planters by Dominik93
Cleans up your garden by allowing you to use food planters instead of just burying your food in the wastes.
Scrappable Legendaries by Xylozi
One of the most dire needed fixes. Being able to scrap legendary items in the crafting menu.
Fusion Core Crafting by Xylozi
It might seem like there are too many fusion cores in the game already but if you wear power armor 100% of the time eventually you will run out. This allows you to immersively craft your own based on perks.
Settlement Supplies Expanded 2.5 - Safe SSEx by Troy Irving
Craft all the things! If you're into settlement building (I'm not) then this mod is for you.
Radiant Clouds and Fogs by Mangaclub
Gives clouds more depth and intensity.
FAR - Faraway Area Reform by SparrowPrince
As it was for Skyrim, a fix of the distant details. Not as good as Skyrim because Bethesda.
FO4 RAIN by ramccoid
A retexture of the rain. Your choice to use this or the ones in "True Storms"
True Storms - Wasteland Edition by fadingsignal
An impressive overhaul of thunder and rain in Fallout
Gameplay Changes
Fallout 4 Loot Overhaul by DarthSith
There is way too much of everything lying around in a post-Apocalyptic world.
Durable Vertibirds by Utherix
Dunno about you but I thought it was silly you could shoot down these things easily.
Adjusted Encounter Zones by varx
Harder enemies everywhere. Which is a good thing.
Real World Damages by PiZZADOX
It isn't updated anymore but it's my personal preference for fixing the irritating "bullet sponge" problem of increasing difficult to Survival. It's annoying that Bethesda used the age-old multiply by hit points and damage solution instead of making enemies deadlier. This mod fixes that.
Faster Terminal Displays by Old Nick
Because waiting for terminals to load is boring.
Power Armor Fast Exit and Enter by Ulithium_Dragon
The animation gets boring after the 1,000th time.
VOT - Increased VATS Distance by drdanzel
Potentially viewed as a cheat. I only use this to scan objects further, not to increase my chance to hit or damage in VATS. I enjoy being able to detect threats further away. Doesn't ruin my immersive gameplay.
Dead Body Collision by MadAce
Because walking through dead bodies is fake.
Mega Explosions by Meltus
This is a super cool mod. I suggest picking the VISUAL ONLY option if you're playing on higher difficulties since you'll get one-shotted by any explosion anywhere remotely close to you.
Functional wedding rings by Treldon
Adds a point to keeping your wedding band.
No Limb Regen by BluemaxDR
Don't know why Bethesda dumped doctor bags. God they annoy me sometimes.
Binary Speech Checks by Henke
Bethesda put in a random speech check in Fallout 4, which is stupid since it just encourages save scumming. Tell you what, make it simple. Do you have the required perk to pass? Yes? Good? No? Too bad for you. Comes with a cheat edition for dirty cheaters.
Disable Minuteman Radiant Quests by shad0wshayd3
Because STFU Preston Garvey, I'm sick of your bullshit. I have Shaun to find.
Legendary Lamps - Lights Lamps Pipboy Overhaul by Spoonifico
Adds some fun ways to cast light as well as a realistic means of reducing light or casting giant floodlights in the dark
Improved Workshop Lights by Ozin
Because if you use a darkness mod then it's dark as fuck in your settlement.
Darker Nights by unforbidable
Hands down the best Fallout mod. Pick darkest and dark sky as options. It really is the only mod I couldn't play without.
Texture Overhauls
Optimized Vanilla Textures by Myst
A good place to start saving fps and VRAM. I usually overwrite this mod with everything else so you should install this first.
Fallout 4 - Texture Optimization Project by torcher
A good mod to cover some of the poorly made Bethesda textures. Overwrite Optimized Vanilla Textures with this.
Divine Revelation by LexXx_M5
Simply put? The best overhaul on Fallout 4 Nexus. After 200 years you know there would be green and it would look very look like this.
Lore-Friendly Ghoul Eyes by Pommymax
Because black ghoul eyes makes them look more like aliens than ghouls.
Wasteland Salon - Hair Texture Improvement Mod by Limo
Improved contrast and variation in hairstyles.
Immersive Mouth and Teeth by ClearanceClarence
Fixes human teeth to proper size and shape.
Vivid Fallout - Rocks - Textures in HD - ORIGINAL SIZE - LOWER RESOLUTION by Hein84
This is an optional download since it will overwrite or be overwritten by several other mods in this list. It's up to you if you like it. I use this mod series in Skyrim.
exShinras Better Brick Textures by exShinra
Sweet looking bricks in Boston
Fallout IV -Gore Overhaul- 3.0 by Nero1n
Moar gore!
D.E.C.A.Y - Better Ghouls by Thumblesteen
Simply the best looking ghouls ever.
Alternative Human Eyes by TwistedMethod
These eyes are just amazing. They are one of the best downloads on the Nexus right now.
Detail and texture tweaks
Weathered First Aid Kit by Kazeite
Fallout Texture Overhaul Power Armors UHD 4K by Gorgulla
Water Retexture by Jorhadoq
This is cans of water retexture, not water.
WET - Water Enhancement Textures by SparrowPrince
Makes water look good. There's currently some 8K water mod on Nexus that's getting some downloads. Go ahead and fry your video card if you want but Sparrowprince's is better.
Detailed Urban Food by clintmich
ScratchMade - New Double Barrel Shotgun textures by Millenia
Most people know Millenia's amazing work from Fallout New Vegas. The attention to detail is what makes this so good.
ScratchMade - New Combat Shotgun and Rifle textures by Millenia
Eye Normal Map Fix Fallout 4 Edition by Mr Dave
Basically a bug fix. Should not be overwritten by other mods.
FO4 MOON by ramccoid
A prettier looking moon
FO4 SUN by ramccoid
Same author, great looking sun, less bloom
Fallout Texture Overhaul PipBoy (Pip-Boy) UHD 4K by Gorgulla
My personal pip-boy overhaul preference. 2K option for potatoes.
Jesters Deathclaws by Jester
Makes Deathclaws look really great.
Better Computer Terminals - 4K or 2K by Jomla97
Comes in many different states of disrepair.
Shack Floors Re-Done 4K by TheMatthewBe
One of the best New Vegas modders is in FO4.
Hunting Rifle (Sniper) Damage Increase by Cupressi
Makes sniper weapons more deadly. It makes sense but technically it's a cheat since it's increasing damage by 35%. The vanilla values are pretty weak to be honest. Not killing somebody in one shot with a .50 cal hit is crazy.
Difficulty XP Scaling by Orgridel
It's not really a cheat if you use the option to punish yourself with the less experience module. However you can choose to increase your experience based on increased difficulty. Much like Diablo 3.
Carry Weight Modifications by The Iron Rose
The question you have to ask yourself here is this: what's more unrealistic? Stopping to manage your inventory space every 5 minutes because you're overburdened? Or using a cheat to remove that annoyance? Frankly, it's already unrealistic you can carry 12 different weapon types, all sorts of different armors, tons of junk like desk fans, and nothing shows up visually on your character. Perhaps someone will one day offer an immersive fix. Until then it's COLLECT ALL THE STUFF!
ETSGM - Easy To See Glowing Mags by Herpderp2332 and Otkebr
Makes it easier to see magazines.
ETSGB - Easy To See Glowing Bobbleheads by Herpderp2332
Makes it easier to see bobbleheads
Customize Legendary Enemy Spawning by The Iron Rose
Yes, this can be seen as a cheat but it's also really cool. You can increase the rate of legendary enemies so that they show up practically every time an enemy spawns. This is a double-edged sword. Your game will be much, much harder. Legendary rad scorpions can and they will violate you. But the payoff is also better. You get a ton of good drops.
Weightless Junk and Other Items by TheScout201
It's stupid that junk weighs anything. It's stupid that each settlement has different junk. It's stupid to worry about it. Just download and forget about it.
Interface Changes
PipWare UI Fallout4 Edition by rebb
Best UI overhaul on Nexus
Full Dialogue Interface by Cirosan and shadwar
There's a reason this mod is #1. Bethesda's consolizing the menu was garbage.
Map Markers More Spaced Apart - Less Cluttered World Map Markers by torcher
I have to go where? What's that? Is that a swan? Does this zoom in anymore? What the hell is that?
Better Item Sorting by xandarori
Because vanilla is a fucking shitshow
Bug Fixes
A Simple Mod - No Bethesda and S.P.E.C.I.A.L Intro by Meatbag101
No more pointless SPECIAL videos
Simple Bug Fixes by Bonnie
In before the Unofficial Fallout Patch
Armorsmith Extended by Gambit77
Allows you to wear all the things you should have been able to wear in the vanilla game.
Remove Interior Fog by Abbalovesyou
Free FPS
Enhanced Blood Textures by dDefinder
Not only improves blood but fixes the decal bug. Mandatory download, basically.
BUSTY by tonicmole and UltimateZero
The stick figures passing as women are slightly improved
NUCLEAR Nude by zentience
If you absolutely HAVE to be naked using the utterly disgusting vanilla body, then zentience has done an incredible job making it look good. I love the dirty textures, it's very realistic. When somebody releases meshes that make women look like real women I would still use this fantastic skin mod.
Due to fantastic user input I've added a few mods here.
Crafting Workbenches by drdanzel
Allows crafting of weapons and armor in ammo where the name logically implies. At the crafting stations.
NX Pro Farming by Nephatrine
Can replace Working Food Planters mod with this one. WFP hasn't been updated since Nov. 19 and NX Pro Farming is more regularly updated and offers more options.
Bottles Labels Overhaul by BlastoLho
I actually did have this installed already. These textures are quite nice.
A Little Bit of Green Retouch by Original Mods by Stephanie Young and Ciprriano - Realistic Edit by dragonalex155
I prefer the gorgeous Divine Revelation but this looks like a nice alternative.
Homemaker - Expanded Settlements by NovaCoru
Apparently it pairs well with SSex.
FogOut by g10stpd
As an alternative to Remove Interior Fog. Not sure about it since I use the darkest night setting with Darker Nights mod and this is calibrated for medium.
Power Armor Animation Changes by SomberX
A no nonsense faster animation, but not realistic.
ETSGH - Easy To See Glowing Holotapes by Herpderp2332
Realistic World Map v2.0 by Vastias
An impressively detailed map
Rebalancer - Gameplay Balance Centre by Jonnyeah
This is a hell of a mod. Could eliminate the need for a half dozen mods listed above.
Arbitration - AI - Stealth - Speed - Damage - Gameplay Overhaul and Tweaks by JackArbiter
Looks like an alternative to Rebalancer. Doesn't like compatible given it modifies a lot of the same things.
submitted by vram1974 to FalloutMods [link] [comments]

Request for feedback: Infantry class mod

Hey, folks. I've released a mod that adds an Infantry class to the game. After experiencing some Unrealscript issues over the weekend, I think it’s at a pretty stable point now.
I'd like to let it simmer a bit in its current form and gather feedback, but I'm not finding it easy to really get users engaged in back-and-forth discussion about the balance and feel of the class on the Workshop or Nexus mod pages.
I’m hoping that here I can get a lot of discussion about both the theming of the Infantry class - whether the perks and stat progression makes sense and work together well - as well as the balance of it. Do you think it stands up well compared to the original classes, or is too powerful? Can you think of some utility or mechanics that would better achieve what I'm going for with this class? I've got some ideas that I've included along with the perk descriptions to get things started.
TL;DR If you don't care to read any more about it, please give this mod a try and give me your feedback.
If you're willing to keep reading, let me give a rundown of the class as it is now.
Why "Infantry"? I intend this class to pay homage to the ‘look and feel’ of the Long War class of the same name, but tweaked a bit to be fielded in the new war.
The Infantry class is intended to be quite proficient in their primary duty: shooting stuff. While the Infantry does well in that regard, they should need the support of a team to make the most of their strengths.
The Infantry is split into two perk trees: the Regular and the Irregular. The Regular is intended to be your front line grunt: they attack and they can take a hit. The regular is able to hold a position to anchor your line or be a roadblock to secure your retreat. The Irregular is the mobile counterpart to the Regular, being more aggressive and better able to exploit holes in the enemy's defense. They're also intended to have their own options for survival, but their status should be a bit more binary than the Regular: you’d prefer not to take a hit on these guys.
Building the Infantry class has also served as a great tutorial for me in working with the development tools. I did try to take suitability and balance into account when designing the class, but I also pursued some of these skills in part because they gave me a chance to look into new techniques and areas of functionality in Xcom 2 scripting.
Here's a link to the mod on Steam's workshop: It's also available on the Nexus. I hope you have a chance to try it out at some point so that you can give me your impressions from experience in addition to just reading about the class.
Following is a summary of the Infantry class stat and perk progression. They get the normal +HP, PCS slot and +Hacking as everyone else (except the Sharpshooter, which gets 1 HP less):
Squaddie +2 Aim, +2 Defense
Light 'Em Up: Attacking with your primary weapon does not end your turn. The iconic skill from the Long War Infantry, this is going to define the class in their role of putting bullets downrange. In practice, I still find that I often tend to want to reposition with my first move until I decide to spend a grenade with a different soldier to clear cover.
Corporal +2 Aim, +2 Defense
Cool Under Pressure: +10 Aim on your reaction fire shots, and they can crit.
Basically a copy of LW Opportunist and lifted right from the AWC-only perk pool, this perk is intended to make the Regular just as effective at actively defending a location as attacking with their second action.
I've had a suggestion that this might be too strong to put so early in the tree, which is fair. I had to limit the number of Overwatch-related perks going into the Infantry tree with only 12 available spots (beyond Light 'Em Up), and this is where I felt I could put it. The Corporal and Sergeant rank perks could be swapped if it smoothed the perk progression out.
Harrier: +10 Aim, +20% Crit on flanked or uncovered opponents.
This is the Irregular’s advantage at exploiting a flank, and pushes them to go find it rather than sitting back and shooting at ‘good enough’ shots against enemies in low cover. Like the Sharpshooter, these are good soldiers for following up a Grenadier’s bombardment.
Sergeant +2 Aim, +2 Defense
Shake it Off!: You recover from the Confused, Disoriented and Stunned conditions. 1 charge.
The Regular is a bit more resilient than your average bear. This is going to give them a chance to recover from a nasty disabling condition once per mission.
Flare: Throw a bright flare that illuminates targets in an area, granting allies an increased chance to hit them with attacks. Costs 1 action point. 2 charges.
Honestly, I’m not married to this one. It represents an interesting set of mechanics that I want to check out in the game engine, but it maybe doesn’t jive with the Irregular’s kit very well.
Lieutenant +1 Aim, +1 Defense
Zone of Control: Take reaction shots with your pistol at enemies closing to within 5 tiles. I’m really trying to give the Regular more than a fair chance to stand their ground and control an area. This is linked to the secondary weapon so it doesn’t go overboard with weapon mods.
Crippling Shot: Fire a shot that is very likely to hit but deals little damage. If it hits, the enemy's movement speed and dodge are greatly reduced for the next turn. 5 turn cooldown. (-6 mobility, -15 dodge)
As where the Regular stands their ground, the Irregular has a tool to pin an enemy down either to keep them in range or to give the Infantry a chance to open up the distance. The penalty to dodge I think is a useful and unique utility for the skill.
For reference, the dodge for Archons is 25, and Vipers are up to I think 33 on harder difficulties.
Captain +1 Aim, +1 Defense
Established Defenses: Soldier gains 1 armor while in low cover, 2 armor while in high cover. This is my way of applying the Regular’s pillbox playstyle to their take on damage reduction. I haven’t found a situation to test it yet, but I’m fairly sure that this armor isn’t susceptible to shredding because of how I’m adding it as an effect rather than changing their base stat.
Stick and Move: After attacking, you gain increased mobility until the end of your turn. After moving, you gain increased dodge until the start of your next turn (4 mobility, 20 dodge).
Here I’m trying to give the Irregular a way to ‘hit and run’ without directly giving them a third movement action. This should be a way to take a shot and then disengage or reposition for next turn.
I’m starting to reconsider using the dodge mechanic for the Irregular in general, though, either eliminating the defensive component here entirely or reducing the mobility and replacing the dodge with something like Shadowstep until the end of the turn after attacking.
Major +1 Aim, +1 Defense
Deep Reserves: When damaged, heal 50% of the damage taken over time. Max 2 health/turn.
Just making the Regular more of a roadblock. Now we’ve got damage reduction and partial healing. I’m not sure if there should be a cap on this (8 or 10 max per mission, maybe), but I don’t really expect it to even get to that point under most circumstances anyways.
Escape and Evade: You gain +15% dodge. When dodging an enemy attack, you enter concealment if you are able.
This is the other dodge synergy I was going for with the Irregular tree; rather than being tanky, they’re suppose to be agile. I’m starting to think if I ditch the dodge, though, this would be an excellent candidate for an active ability.
Something like: Until the start of your next turn, the next attack that would hit you will miss. If this occurs, you will enter concealment until the end of your next turn if possible. Free action. 6 turn cooldown.
Colonel +1 Aim, +1 Defense
Fire for Effect: Attack with a guaranteed hit on your target and other enemies in your line of fire. Costs 2 action points and 2 ammo. 3 turn cooldown.
The Infantry is already a class based around shooting. I felt that the Regular needed another option somewhere in their tree for how to spend their action points on attacking.
I had a few thoughts with this one. By the time you’re a Colonel, an automatic hit isn’t too extreme, besides which the Regular is using both of their actions for a single attack. If you’re lucky and hit a cluster of enemies, you can score another couple of hits.
Right now it’s a cone that goes up to 3 tiles wide at the end of rifle range. I may narrow this down to a single tile wide - although that felt a little too fiddly - pending user feedback. The cone is intentionally locked towards your standard single target rather than being a free-moving template because the ostensible point of the attack is to hit that particular target.
Explosive Action: Gain 1 action. In 2 turns, lose 1 action. 3 turn cooldown.
Functionally it’s pretty similar to Run and Gun except that the soldier is gaining a standard action point rather than a specialized one, giving additional flexibility because it’s a Colonel level perk; it’s also given a penalty so that using it remains a strategic choice rather than an automatic use-on-cooldown.
Regarding the balance of it, I basically figure it strongly parallels the Psi Op’s Inspire ability, but rather than borrowing an AP from the Psi Op right now, the Irregular is borrowing an AP from themselves in the future.
GTS Class Perk Extra Conditioning: An enhanced training regimen strengthens the Infantry in body and mind. +2 HP, +4 Aim, +4 Will. This one I just threw in there at the last minute because I had honestly forgotten that there was a GTS class perk. I would rather give the Infantry an extra inventory pocket for ammo, but modifying the Inventory is going to be a lot more technically difficult; much of the inventory system is hardcoded in the game’s source and don’t have any extensibility.
AWS Perks Currently, the following perks are available via the AWC hidden ability system: Harrier, Crippling Shot, Explosive Action, Fire for Effect
submitted by Lucubration2 to xcom2mods [link] [comments]

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